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How L&D Can Benefit and Support Digital Transformation - Grism

February 2, 2020by admin0

It is no secret that employees are interested in working at a company with a supportive and innovative workplace structure. Organizations have gone about creating this type of engaging atmosphere in many ways: administering employee engagement activities, performing upgrades on technology, offering flexible work hours etc. However, a new concept of ‘digital transformation’ has made its way into almost every industry and profession, and now companies are clambering to reform their technology in a way that supports this focus on efficient digitalization.

However, what many don’t know, is that L&D plays an increasingly significant role when a company desires to implement or update a digital strategy – especially since a strong digital strategy can aid in creating an attractive and innovative workplace for new and existing employees. Welcoming digital transformation into your company and L&D is thus an excellent opportunity, rather than an overwhelming demand.

  • L&D – Empowering Technology

Having an operative digital strategy is essential to fostering the productivity and results of a company. When building this strong and stable digital workplace strategy, it is crucial to clearly map out the organization’s top priorities to ensure that every technology the company deploys has a measurable, positive impact on employees and business outcomes. If not, your employees will suffer in the face of your company’s great plans to become digital giants. Therefore, a successful business’ digital strategy is dependent on a collaboration across departments that are focusing on establishing a Modern Digital Workplace.

Ideally, a combination of IT and L&D as well as executive leaders can drive a company’s digital transformation. By following the distinct objectives or methods outlined in the strategy it is possible to reach the company goals and continue improving the digital workplace environment. In addition, making sure employees are given technology that empowers them rather than perplexes or hinders them is of great significance. Therefore, workplace technology should have a strong focus on user experience, and this is where L&D – and their relationship with the employees– becomes extremely relevant. But what is a Modern Digital Workplace you might ask?

  • Welcome to the Modern Digital Workplace

A Modern Digital Workplace is an ideal work environment where technology and business processes work together to assist employees in becoming engaged, thereby boosting productivity, efficiency, and overall job satisfaction. Having a solid Modern Digital Workplace in place will not only benefit the employees; it will improve the effectivity of the company as a whole.

A Modern Digital Workplace understand how employees work and how they want to work. Because of this, they can give them the tools, knowledge and effective working environment they desire and require.

Within the Modern Digital Workplace, an employee is able to collaborate on the same project with their colleagues on the other side of the world and communicate with coworkers via instant messaging or video apps. A digital transformation implements technology which empowers employees by giving them the flexibility to work how, when, and where they want to. Supporting the digital transformation and creating a Modern Digital Workplace will help employees thrive, contribute to important business decisions and give them a feeling of having a much bigger impact on the business.

  • People, Processes & Technology: L&D Promotes Digital Transformation

L&D plays a huge role in combining the three important elements of a company’s digital transformation: People, processes, and technology. However, many companies prioritize processes over people or even technology over people. In hopes of digitally transforming their business, leaders will often put a strong focus on the technology that needs an update rather than the employees that need support and training. This is again, where L&D comes in.

In the past, onboarding and employee development were administered through a thick folder full of dense forms, contracts and training documents. The engagement you would find in this type of training was just capped at the physical act of handing over of the folder. The employee was left going cross-eyed over pages of rather dull content.

Having L&D rethink the way a company trains and educates its employees is essential to implementing a digital transformation. Instead of thinking face-to-face courses are the only way to educate employees, L&D should consider the possibilities of the new technology. This could, for instance, mean that regular courses are combined or replaced with digital meet-ups where an employee can speak with peers, senior leaders, and others whenever he or she needs it.

Digital platforms can be a way to ease communication in a company and boost collaboration. For example, by integrating more collaborative tools such as Microsoft Teams will enhance the process of becoming a Modern Digital Workplace. This could result in an employee receiving collective input from colleagues while working on a live document, rather than fumbling through copious emails trying to piece together insights in between working on a project. Which situation do you find to be more efficient?

  • Let Your L&D Work with Digital Transformation Not Against it

Though it seems like an overwhelming project to commit to, digitally transforming your business – and your L&D strategy – is an advantageous opportunity to grow and improve your team and business. Digital transformation isn’t a threatening force that is causing you to abandon all former training process and start from scratch in an unfamiliar digital space. Rather, digital transformation is a catalyst for change, progress, and prosperity in your business.

A platform like LMS365, enables L&D with a wealth of beneficial tools at their fingertips. LMS365 empowers your L&D to make unique and dynamic training content for your team. With its seamless integration into platforms like Microsoft Teams, your L&D team can provide employees flexible access to necessary trainings, all while having the ability to submit questions, share information and receive integral support throughout their learning process. With an effective Modern Digital Workplace afforded by LMS365’s ability to connect with your favorite communication tools, you can up the engagement of your employees making training, dare we say, enjoyable.

Digital transformation is not an obstacle for companies and L&D; it is an advantage. Don’t risk losing valuable employees, or valuable time, fighting this shift towards online, digital tools; utilize these tools in a way that creates a stable, productive Modern Digital Workplace that won’t only engage, but inspire your employees. With an L&D that is supportive and welcoming of this digitization, your company moves from a victim of change, to a leader of change. Now I must ask: Which sounds best to you?


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