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1.    HR Audit

Our team of HR audit experts offers a comprehensive review of your current human resource policies, procedures, documentation, and systems. Our advanced technology enables us to conduct a thorough diagnostic examination, and provide recommendations that optimize your People Return on Investment (ROI).

2.    Manpower Planning

Grism specializes in developing the workforce needed for your future plans, taking into account business growth, new markets, new products, future business requirements, and required skills.

3.    Organization Design

A well-structured organization is essential for effective information flow within the company. Our team at Grism has a wealth of experience in creating organizational systems that outline how specific activities are directed towards achieving the organization’s goals, including rules, roles, responsibilities, task allocation, coordination, and supervision.

4.    Performance Management System

With extensive experience in designing and implementing performance management systems, Grism offers a hybrid system that combines the best aspects of various systems such as the Balanced Scorecard (BSC), Management by Objectives (MBO), and Objectives and Key Results (OKRs). This system provides strategic direction through the BSC, while ensuring accountability through the MBO measurement system.

5.    Competency Mapping

Grism assists organizations in identifying key leadership and technical competencies and incorporating them into HR processes such as talent acquisition and employee development, leading to improved productivity.

6.    Career Planning

At Grism, we offer career planning services to support the advancement of your employees. Our systematic approach to identifying suitable roles and responsibilities, based on individual capabilities and performance, can help enhance the professional growth of your workforce.

7.    Succession Planning

Succession planning is a crucial aspect of organizational development, ensuring leadership continuity in key positions. Our team of experts can help you identify potential candidates and provide a comprehensive training and development program to equip them for higher roles and responsibilities.

8.    Rewards Strategy

An effective rewards strategy is vital for attracting, motivating, and retaining top talent in your organization. Our services include the development of a comprehensive rewards strategy, combining both intrinsic and extrinsic incentives, to create a competitive employee value proposition.

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9.    Compensation & Benefits Surveys

Compensation and benefits have a significant impact on the attraction, development, and retention of employees. Our team can provide customized compensation and benefits survey reports, tailored to your industry, to help align your compensation strategies with the overall employee value proposition of your organization.

10.    Job Evaluation & Grading

Grism has partnered with Mercer to provide job evaluation services, using their international position evaluation methodology. Our services include job evaluation and the development of a robust grading system that takes into consideration career planning and grade-wise benefits.

11.    Accreditation & Certification

We offer guidance and support for obtaining accreditations and certifications from leading certifying bodies, such as IADC, API, and ISO. Our team of experts, including industry veterans and subject matter specialists, can assist your organization in obtaining the accreditation or certification.

Technology Practices

1.    Assessments & Psychometrics

At GRISM, we are experts in the field of talent assessments and have formed partnerships with renowned institutions such as Belbin, Hogan, and Objective Management Group. We serve as the official representatives of these institutions in the Sultanate of Oman.

Our goal is to provide organizations with the tools and resources necessary to conduct assessments throughout the employee lifecycle, including but not limited to: recruitment, promotions, leadership development, job rotation, competency assessments, sales staff assessments, and talent development.

To support this objective, we have developed a comprehensive Assessment Readiness Model. This model provides a multi-method approach to evaluate participant potential and readiness. It is based on a holistic assessment of various factors, such as role readiness and succession planning.

2.    Leadership Development

Grism’s leadership development programs are designed to enhance the competencies of individuals in leadership positions. We support leaders in aligning their actions with organizational strategy, gaining the support of their team, and developing the abilities of others. Our programs are tailored to enhance the skills, abilities, and confidence of leaders.

3.    Employee Engagement Survey

Grism provides clients with actionable insights through scientific analysis of employee engagement. Our employee engagement survey is a valuable tool for HR managers to assess employee satisfaction and identify areas for improvement. The survey results provide management with a clear understanding of employee attitudes and engagement levels in the workplace, allowing them to take necessary steps to improve satisfaction and performance.

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