Preboarding Software

Welcome new hires with a lasting impression

Create a candidate experience that stands out - and that ensures everything is taken care of before the big day. All while drastically reducing your manual workload.

Solve Preboarding at a click. With Zavvy.

By aligning with top industry partners, we simplify the integration of a comprehensive record-keeping system within your learning framework. This synergy enhances training management, boosts performance evaluation, and promotes clarity and fairness in career progression. Utilizing this system, companies can glean crucial insights, spot patterns, assess training's influence on organizational objectives, and confidently base decisions on solid data.


Make sure everything is taken care of - from laptops to briefing buddies.


Eliminate first-day anxiety by giving new hires the info they need in a way they enjoy


Stay on top of open tasks for every individual or whole cohorts.


Bridge the gap between signing and starting with regular touch points.

Deliver unique onboarding experiences without drowning in manual work.

Create a welcoming experience that boosts your employer brand and helps new team members become productive faster wherever they work from. All while drastically reducing your manual workload.

Deliver onboarding experiences at a click. With Zavvy.


Setting up a journey on Zavvy is as easy as writing an email.


Onboard hundreds of people with peace of mind through automatic assignments.


Stay on top of progress with powerful insights throughout the journey


Integrate Slack and MS Teams to create experiences beyond dry content.

Onboarding Event Scheduling

All your onboarding events, scheduled on autopilot

Automatically manage your orientation events across locations, departments, and seniority. Save hours digging through calendars and create more human new hire experiences instead.

Scheduling your onboarding events can be so easy.

Set up once

Create the calendar events new hires should go through depending on availability, location, or department.

Schedule and run forever

Automatically schedule your whole orientation phase and invite all stakeholders without lifting a finger.