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Virtual Academy

Grism Virtual Academy brings together our breadth and depth of subject matter expertise with our learning design and technology skills and capabilities. We deliver a range of off-the-shelf digital, blended, and classroom/live courses on a wide range of subjects, delivered through our secure and accessible online platform.

The Academy enables us to bring to you our rich experience in the field of working across a diverse spectrum of clients, solutions and industries.

The hallmark of the Academy is its approach – by working with clients to provide a solution for a business need. Our e-learning programmes are outcome-focussed and embedded in our consulting experience. We partner with organisations through building holistic, integrated learning modules relevant to business problems rather than conducting isolated training programmes. The Academy curriculum is designed to deliver more than just training, but measurable skills and capability that an organisation needs, to realise its strategic aims.


A differentiated learning paradigm

Innovative technology: Powered by a state of the art technology platform, our Learning Management System provides a seamless learning experience, combining instructor-led, self-paced, virtual classroom and mobile learning options. Learners are able to create personalised progress journeys by measuring outcomes and are encouraged to learn through peer communities to promote collaborative learning.

Learning design that delivers: The Academy brings real world experience and knowledge to contextualise learning designs so that their impact is measurable and relevant to organisations. We believe in defining clear objectives, curating content to pique emotional connect and engaging with alternate formats such as gamification and storytelling to deliver exceptional learning programmes.

Academy Learning Solutions

The Academy works with organisations across three areas:

Learning strategy and transformation

  • Learning strategy: Defining the right learning strategy, operating model, governance, return/value on investment and sustainability
  • Digital learning strategy: Conducting digital learning design, development, delivery and evaluation
  • Learning transformation: Transforming client learning functions to support the organisation’s strategic plan, learning and digital strategy

Managed learning services: learning design and development

  • Learning needs analysis: Identifying the most effective way to design and deliver learning programmes to the learner for particular requirements
  • E-learning: Designing and developing modules for individual or curriculum-based learning initiatives including mobile-ready or gamified design
  • Classroom/Virtual: Creating immersive and prac-academic classroom/virtual learning using multiple pedagogical approaches

Building learning academies

  • Foundation model: Defining, scoping and building transformational academies for our clients based on eight levers – business strategy alignment, learning metrics and impact, integrating learning with other HR processes, learner experience, L&D operating model, L&D role and competence, technology and infrastructure and learning culture
  • Course to role approach: Developing a tailor-made learning curriculum to meet the specific requirements of a learner’s role
  • Learning journey: Creating an immersive learning journey for individuals / business functions through a practitioner’s perspective with focus on competency mapping, succession planning and capability development

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