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Learning Journeys

A Learning Journey is a selection of courses tied together for learners to progress through, mastering a particular subject or program. It allows you to enroll multiple users in multiple courses at once saving you valuable time.

Why use Learning Journey for your business?
Learning Journey have stellar benefits for you and your learners, adding a real level of convenience for both of you.

Creates a more structured training program

Commonly, Learning Journeys are used to add structure to training programs. When rolling out training to your learners, they give you the ability to control both the order in which courses get assigned and the timeframe in which the courses become available.

Saves admin time

From your point of view, as an admin, it’s normal for Learning Journeys to be set up well in advance of learners being enrolled to condense administration time. Then, once you set the learner off on the path, they’re largely self-sufficient.

Your learner finishes one course, and they’re automatically added to the next – no work needed from you.

Drives learners to a goal

From the learner’s perspective, a Learning Path ensures that they are working towards an overall goal. It keeps them on track and engaged with your course content. If the course is sequenced they can focus on the goal that they are currently working on without being overwhelmed (the course they’re currently completing is the one on their dashboard).


Learning Journeys for employees

Onboarding new hires usually takes weeks, if not months. Typically, they have to take multiple courses in LMS before they have completed their employee training.

Traditionally, you would have to enroll your learners in each course individually. But with Learning Journeys you can skip this tedious step. As courses are grouped together, you only have to enroll your learners once. Then they are automatically enrolled in all the courses, drop-fed each course, one after another, until they cross the finish line, completing their onboarding goal.

Simple to set up and saves you so much time, grouping courses with Learning Journeys is one of our favourite ways to organize training programs. It works well with an automated process, and learners appreciate the guidance it gives. And if you pair it with other popular LMS features like Gamification and Certification, it makes your learning management much easier.

Off the shelf Journeys that we offer

In addition to the above, we can also provide any customized learning Journeys on a blended learning format as per the business needs.


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