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Learning Experience Platform

Learn Engage & Communicate (LXP)

The most important asset of any business is its people: the more they grow, the stronger your business become, from the ground up. If you’re ready for your business to grow, its time to give your employees the opportunity to make their career goals a reality.

LXP is a cutting-edge, AI-driven platform that engages employees and encourages skill-building, both for daily tasks and career advancement, powered by the best engineering and data science available.

THE LXP Promise

Track employee progress as they learn day-to-day skills in the same platform that enables them to pursue lessons to advance their careers and stand out among their fellow employees.

LXP is the only skill-building suite that opens up the opportunity for ambitious individuals to get ahead and increases team productivity to drive your company’s growth.


Harness the power of 360-degree skill-building

Equip your employees with our comprehensive, skill-based mobile training system to:
Grow employees’ knowledge & prepare them for their next roles.
Quickly improve employees’ everyday tasks with highly-engaging, practical lessons.
Cultivate functional, digital, and behavioral skills, personalized for each industry and role.
Advance employees faster and streamline management decision-making with LXP’s helpful employee analytics.

Streamline onboarding, skill-building, career development and continuous learning

Manage skill development for white collar, blue collar, seasonal workers and your extended enterprise. No more relying on multiple platforms and tools.

Engage and delight employees through an AI powered learning engine

LXP fosters a strong culture of development, encouraging employee engagement across multiple layers, including social workplace interactions and the content you create.

LXP Features


Skill-based Thinking

Plot your company’s Skill map, Ongoing employee tracking identifies when your workers have built skills and are ready for career advancement.

Multi-dimensional Microlearning

Powerful Personaliztion Engine, Skill-building modules are customized to target your industry, compliance needs, and the employee’s profile.

Live virtual coaching / training

Syndicate & reuse video, Increase efficiency and reduce cost by streaming edits of live instructor-led training sessions virtually

Digitally Led Classroom Training

Digital tools for instructor-led training sessions such as: pre-training prep, live material sharing and attendance tracking during and after assessments.

Social learning Communication

Bring the power of informal learning to your company by allowing employees to share knowledge, best practices or success stories on social forums.

Personalized AI-driven recommendations

Our Al-driven crawler rounds up articles, blog post, videos, and podcast that each employee may find helpful from the open web, serving them up through our platform.

Conversation Learning Bots

Engage employees in conversational learning where BOTs explain each step of the process via a discussion-style interface to foster a more natural learning environment.

Upskill, reskill and Cross-skill everyday

A cutting-edge, AI-driven platform that engages employees and encourages skill-building, both for daily tasks and career advancement,

powered by the best engineering and data science available.

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