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Content Development

In today’s digital and technological landscape with high internet penetration, e-learning is one of the strategies that companies can adopt to transform into a learning organization. We at Grism specialize in developing be-spoke content based on your organization culture and unique needs that can catalyze and improve employee performance and create high learning engagement levels to deliver success to your organization.

Customized e-learning for your core and support teams

We will work closely with your learning & development team, management team, product development etc. to understand employee training needs and learning outcomes and in developing be-spoke content for their respective teams.  For e.g. if you are a product driven organization, it becomes essential for your front line sales teams to have in-depth knowledge of your products and its various features. We can develop bit-sized modules using gamification, animations to curate content explaining the features of the product that will engage, educate and entertain your sales staff which would result in an informed workforce and help your organization boost sales.



Employee experience and employee value proposition leads to better engagement and better productivity. We help organizations in digitizing their induction using animations, graphics, illustrations, gamification and develop an on-boarding module which familiarize the employee with your organization even before he joins. The employee will be taken through a journey/storyboard where he will get familiar with the organization’s, vision, mission, culture, values, HR polices etc. which results in employee experience during joining and inducts the employee with the culture of your company.

Mobile Learning

Mobile learning provides today’s generation the degree of freedom and flexibility in acquiring new skills anytime, anywhere and on-the-go using electronic devices of their preference. A recent report published by “LearnDash” suggests that 70% of learners are more motivated when learning on a mobile device when compared to a desktop as it offers higher learner engagement levels and better completion rates. By 2020, Gartner predicts that 45% of all businesses will have a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy. With mobile learning, you can get your employees’ attention with timely notifications. We at Grism specialize in curating bit-size courses that can boost mobile learning within your organization.

Gamification for Corporate Training

In the modern high tech world, people hardly keep their attention on training, conducted with the help of traditional educational methods. Gamification or game-based learning is one of the most popular, as well as, the most effective ways to engage, motivate, and entertain learners while also helping them learn skills such, such as teamwork, sales tactics or sensitive HR subjects and apply them in a virtual environment. At Grism we design engaging game-based Learning content that helps Organization meet their learning objectives and business goals.


Simulation-based eLearning focuses on providing employees with very hands-on, immersive training. Learners can try out the software/platform/website and learn on-the-job. These eLearning simulations mimic the real platforms or software that employees will use. It has been used for as a method of training by many sectors such as healthcare, corporate training, civil defense, and hospitality domains. Working on simulated training materials gives employees the extensive practice they need. It equips them and builds their confidence for their future roles and responsibilities.
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